Elizabeth Rapley, BSc (Hons), PhD


Liz is a medical research and communications expert and the managing director and co-owner of EDGE Medical. Liz brings 28 years of experience in medical discovery and communications to lead the EDGE Medical team in its mission to support pharmaceutical companies’ decision-making in commercialising tomorrow’s medicines.

From 1995 to 2010, Liz had a successful career at the Institute of Cancer Research, London, first as Joint Leader of the Testicular Cancer Genetics team, and subsequently as the Scientific Spokesperson for the Institute. Through leading a global consortium of testicular cancer research teams, Liz identified susceptibility genes for the first time and published many landmark publications in top-tier medical journals. Subsequently, Liz undertook media training and was responsible for communicating the outputs of the Institute to the wider population in her role as Scientific Spokesperson.

In 2010, Liz co-founded EDGE Medical, a medical affairs and communications agency that helps pharmaceutical companies realise the promise of tomorrow’s medicines. Liz opened the Australian office in 2011 and took over the management of the London, UK office in 2017. At EDGE Medical, Liz’s work has included:

  • Market analysis and subsequent development of numerous therapeutic Market Landscape Analyses of new medical entities for a top-ten pharmaceutical company
  • Creation of a suite of medical communication materials to support the relaunch of a lipid-lowering drug
  • Numerous e-learning programmes for CPD for physicians and pharmaceutical executives
  • Numerous Value Propositions to identify the value of a new drug or new indication to the Healthcare system